Narconon is astonished to learn that the sales tax on medical marijuana in Arizona is predicted to be a remarkable 40 million dollars in one year!   Surely these numbers can’t be right, but if they are, then the state must be expecting about 500 million in medical marijuana sales!    Arizona has been on the news quite a bit lately and the citizens look pretty healthy – yet it appears that many citizens are “ill” and in need of medical marijuana.   Long term this move might lose overall revenues for the state.  If half the citizens are stoned, then overall productivity is going to be cut.

Can competition for pot sales be the reason why Arizona is so adamant about getting the Mexicans out of the state?  They would be the key competitor for pot sales.   If the numbers quoted in this article from Join Together are correct, there is a lot of money at stake and either the state of the Mexicans are going to get it.  Here is the article:

Arizona will soon be collecting sales taxes on medical marijuana, the Associated Press reported Jan. 27.

The state became the 15th in the nation to approve medical marijuana last November, when a measure was passed by voters. The new sales tax will total 6.6 percent for the state, and two to three percent for cities.

Only 124 dispensaries will be licensed in the state, but each one will have to get a sales tax license like other businesses do, said Anthony Forschino, who is the assistant director of the Arizona Department of Revenue.

The state estimates it will collect about $40 million a year by taxing sales of medical marijuana. Arizona’s attorney general, Tom Horne, said that even though the marijuana is meant to help patients with serious medical conditions, it should still be taxed.”

Narconon will continue to spread the word through drug education about the dangers of pot.

Narconon drug rehab will be here to help those who get addicted to pot – whether legal or not.

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