Methamphetamine induced sexLately I have been reading reports that in the gay community that methamphetamine is on the rise due to it’s increased sexual drive.  Now, I am not pointing out gays this is happening to many teenagers, adults, male and female. No one is immune.

This leads to risky behaviors since your thinking is clearly off when you are are using methamphetamine. Similar, to ectasy it gives the user the stamina and the arousal that they want to do something with everyone they come in contact with.  The higher the user is the more partners they tend to “hook up” with many time not thinking of using any type of protection.

This trend needs to stop. Young men and women are dying from diseases caused by careless acts while using methamphetamine. The only alternative is a drug rehab.

We use a holistic approach to drug addiction.  Call for your free information someone is here to help you.

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