Medical Marijuana


It shouldn’t be up to school officials in Colorado to figure out how to deal with the medical marijuana laws.  The law makers should have thought about the ramifications of passing this bill and not just about how the school nurse is going to dispense the marijuana.

Just because it is legal, does not make marijuana any less the gateway drug than it has ever been.  It is the gateway drug to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs causing drug addiction.

Just survey those who have made it into addiction treatment centers.

Whether it is legal or not – going through school stoned is not the road to success.

“Local officials and school administrators in Colorado are struggling to reconcile the state’s medical-marijuana laws with school drug policies, the Summit Daily News reported May 19.

For example, students at Summit High School can be suspended or expelled for marijuana possession — a typical policy at high schools statewide — but there is no rule for how to handle legal users of medical marijuana.

Under state law, Colorado residents under age 18 may use medical marijuana with a doctor’s permission and parental approval. “


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