Narconon of Georgia

Narconon of Georgia

The Narconon program believes that addiction can be conquered by concentrating on the abilities that an individual has.  Here is a success story from students who are beginning to realize that they really do have what it takes to conquer addiction.

“During this session and every session I realize that I’m changing in a good way.  I am not only changing mentally, but physically.  I lost 20 pounds since I’ve been here.  I watch what I eat, because I’m feeling good, due to not drinking, eating healthy and thinking positively.

That’s another change that I notice – not only am I thinking about my health, but also my future.  And I know if it were not for the help I’m receiving here, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”


“During today’s exercise, I had some mixed feelings at first. I started thinking about my brother-in – law.  He was my in-house bully.  He demanded respect and was always shooting orders.  I was scared of him, because he is ten years older than me and eared by some.  I took all his punishment.  One day I blew up and felt like I could have killed him.

If I could go back, I would have communicated and told him about how I felt.  Instead, I used violence and that because the cycle after that.  But, that’s the past and this is me now.  I thank the staff for that.”


“Today in session, I had some pretty good realizations.  Recently I have been realizing how much there is to change- because the fact of the matter is that I am still young, with many years ahead of me.

I messed up in the past.  I lost good jobs, my friends and my wife.  But I didn’t lose my health or my mind.   I feel good about where I am right now.  I look forward the future when I know I will have a house, a family and kids, instead of dying young.

I am happy to be here and I am looking forward to tomorrow.”


The Narconon treatment program staff wishes the best for these students.  We know they will do well.

Drug addiction doesn’t have to end your life, you have a choice…choose to live!

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