Narconon was saddened to hear about another death due to over dose in Fenton Michigan. According to reports, the town has lost too many young people to drugs.

Rather than throw up their hands in despair, the town decided to something about the situation and has formed a task force. The task force seems to have all the right elements for success – law enforcement, legislatures and educators.  It is going to take a multi-disciplinary approach to adequately address this problem in any city.

Let’s watch as Fenton puts their team together.  Perhaps this approach, like buyback programs, can move across the country.  Here is an article about the subject:

“FENTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan — The Fenton-area task force formed last month in the wake of back-to-back fatal heroin overdoses involving teenagers held a forum Tuesday evening to pool resources for anti-drug efforts.

The meeting came just after news of another area death related to opiate use.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department said Adam Harden, 22, of Tyrone Township, apparently died of an overdose of the pain killer Opana.

The goal of the task force is primarily to gather resources for use at area schools, raise awareness and to fight for legislation and cooperation to battle the apparently worsening problem.

“What we hope to do is initiate is a resource-type program where we can support the activities of any of the schools,” said Fenton Township Clerk Robert Krug.

About 30 people attended the meeting, including law enforcement, legislators, parents of overdose victims and officials from Fenton Township, Fenton, Atlas Township and the Lake Fenton School District.

A graphic presentation designed by the Sheriff’s office to shock students into steering clear of drugs is planned at Lake Fenton schools next week.

“It’s going to be hard-hitting, it’s going to be graphic and it’s going to be poignant,” said Joe Graves, Genesee County commissioner and chair of the task force.”

Narconon supports efforts like those described in the article above and will glad contribute brochures, speakers or whatever resources that are available to help get the truth out about the what is going on with prescription drugs and otherwise.

Narconon drug rehab is the best solution for those who have an addiction problem.    The only answer is to get help before it is too late.

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