Just through an interview process at Narconon it becomes obvious that a person on drugs has lost some of their ability to think.  Perhaps the mumbling, stopped sentences and general memory lapses are not evident to abusers, but to even an untrained observer, something has happened.

Fortunately, through the Narconon sauna detoxification we see mental faculties return.  Not only do our clients report that they no longer are craving drugs, but they report they can think more clearly and even the senses of smell and taste are bettered.  Though there is improvement through drug treatment, according to this article there are changes in the brain caused by drugs that possibly cannot be reversed.

Obviously then, it is better to not do drugs.  Where drugs have been abused, a person should receive treatment so no more brain damage is done – i.e. they need to sign up for effective treatment.  Here is the article.

“State-of-the-art brain imaging shows that changes in the brain’s reward circuitry caused by substance abuse likely remain even after drug and alcohol use stop, according to a Jan. 18 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) press release.

A team of investigators led by Robert P. J. Barretto of Stanford University’s Clark Center for Biomedical Engineering & Sciences used fluorescence microendoscopy — a process in which tiny probes record images of cellular-level brain changes over time — to measure the effect of increased stimulation, specifically tumor formation, on the hippocampus and striatum in mice. Both regions of the brain are known to be altered by substances of abuse.

They found that progressive deformations in brain circuitry occurred as the tumor grew: while vessels surrounding the tumor increased in diameter over time, blood flow to the affected brain area actually decreased.

The ability to track neural activity at the cellular level can provide valuable insight into how chemical addiction takes root in the brain, according to NIDA director Nora D. Volkow, M.D.”

Narconon staff knows that no matter how far a person has walked down the road of addiction, they can most usually walk back with the help of effective drug treatment.

Whether Narconon of Georgia drug rehab can reverse brain cell damage or not, it is a known fact that it can mend broken lives and even get people on the path to a more successful life than they had envisioned previously.

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