Narconon is watching and so is the world, as the fate of five Columbia University students, recently prosecuted for dealing, will be determined by interpretation of new sentencing laws in New York.  Will recent new drug laws in the state make a difference?  The laws in New York have gone from tough, with sentencing fixed in stone through “mandatory sentencing”, to more flexible approaches for offenders who are drug abusers.

However, there doesn’t seem to be an exact understanding of what to do in a state that never really had to think beyond mandates.  Now, law makers will have to learn to make sensible decisions that fit in line with the laws.  In most other states, sentencing for drug related crimes has been left up to Judges.  Many of them have gotten pretty experienced at it and cases like these five college students are seen every day.   New York law makers are going to have to do their best to ensure that the attempt to offer treatment to drug abusers is not abused by actual criminals.

“The December arrest and prosecution of five students at Columbia University for drug-dealing will put recent changes to the state’s tough drug laws to the test, the Associated Press reported Jan. 30.

All of the students have pleaded not guilty, but attorneys for two of the five students said they plan to ask the court to divert their clients to a specialty drug court rather than go to prison. Their clients, they say, became dealers to fund their own drug habits.

Observers say the Columbia case will be a high-profile test of revisions made in 2009 to the state’s so-called Rockefeller laws, named after Nelson Rockefeller, the New York governor who pushed them through the legislature in 1973. The 2009 changes eased or eliminated long-standing mandatory sentencing restrictions for drug charges, andencouraged treatment and other alternatives to incarceration.

Narconon supports offering alternatives to those who are truly affected by drug abuse.   Each individual case is obviously different and most Judges are smart enough to discern the difference between criminally intentioned behaviors and those driven by addiction.

For those who are seeking a workable and viable alternative, Narconon drug rehab is one answer.

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  1. Black and Blue says:

    How convenient. Meanwhile, the countless numbers of African Americans and Latinos are living out long prison sentences for having the tiniest amount of drugs on their person. The hippocracy of democracy.

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