Virginia Wins

Virginia Wins

This is great news that someone is taking responsibility on some front when it comes to substance abuse.   Virginia has decided that college papers can’t advertise alcohol and the state has the right to enforce the ban.  There is too much advertising of alcohol to youth and now there will be a little bit less in Virginia.  This means there will be a little bit less alcohol abuse, few alcoholics and less need for addiction treatment down the line. 

“The state of Virginia’s alcohol regulatory board was within its rights to ban college newspapers from running alcohol-related advertising, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has ruled.

Inside Higher Ed reported April 12 that the court ruled 2-1 to reverse a lower-court decision that had favored the student newspapers at Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. The newspapers, The Collegiate Times and the Cavalier Daily, had sued the state over the ban, which they said violated the First Amendment and would cost them $30,000 in ad revenues annually.

The Virginia alcohol board said the ban was needed to prevent illegal underage drinking and other dangerous alcohol use by college students. The majority on the appeals court agreed.”


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