Hazy View

This article makes one wonder who in the name of reason is speaking to our kids with some truth?  The pot heads have taken the opportunity to spread their hazy message during Alcohol Awareness week.

The message overall should be one of sobriety.  Abuse of any substance can lead to addiction and addiction causes suffering and death.  Is it any wonder that there are 22 million drug addicts and 17 million alcoholics in this country? Unless we change our message, there will never be enough addiction treatment available to handle them all.

“This is probably not the kind of commemoration the founders of National Alcohol Awareness Month had in mind: among the groups marking the annual April campaign is Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER), which is encouraging college students to smoke marijuana rather than drinking alcohol.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported April 1 that SAFER events were planned at more than 80 schools nationwide.

Pro-pot activists say that schools promote use of alcohol — which they say is the more dangerous of the two drugs — by imposing penalties on marijuana use that far exceed those imposed on students caught drinking underage.” 

The staff and volunteers at Narconon of Louisiana are dedicated to the fight against alcohol addiction.  The drug education and rehabilitative services provided in the addiction treatment center will give you or your loved one a chance at living a successful alcohol or drug free life. Our intake counselors will help pave the way for entrance into the Narconon program.


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