This is the story of a girl who battled a meth addiction and won. We will call her Ashley, although this is not her real name, just one we will use to protect her identity. Ashley grew up in a normal American middle-class family with two sisters and loving parents. Ashley was always very involved in sports while she was growing up and loved to play softball and basketball. From the time that Ashley started school she always had many friends and always made very good grades. She had a lot of self-esteem and also was very close to her parents.

For many years Ashley would notice other kids who used drugs and always thought that it was a really bad idea. She said that she never had any intention of ever trying drugs much less getting addicted to them. Ashley continued to excel at sports and academics until the time that she was 15 years old.

Ashley Gets Her First Job, Her First Boyfriend and Addiction

When Ashley was 15 years old she got a job at a local restaurant over the summer. She was not old enough to be a waitress so she served as a hostess in the restaurant. She said that there were many other people around her age that worked at the restaurant as well; the oldest servers were about 25. She said that when she met one of the bus boys that worked at the restaurant as well, there was an instant mutual attraction. However she was very nervous to go out with him because he was 18 which she felt was too old for her.

However, this particular busboy did not give up so easily. She said that she’d never been so flattered and all of her life. It was not long before she finally accepted going out with him on a few dates. She said that he continued to be a perfect gentleman and it was not long before she was in full-blown puppy love. Even her parents seem to think that this young man was an acceptable suitor for their daughter. Ashley dated him for about six months before she saw what he was really about. Very gradually he started to take her to more and more places where people were partying and using drugs.

By this point Ashley was so in awe of this young man that she was willing to almost accept anything. It soon became a weekend routine for them to go to a party were there was drinking and drugs. At first, Ashley would drink a few beers and leave it at that. It didn’t take long however, before she was smoking marijuana as well. Ashley said that she would only do this on the weekends and during the school week she would focus on her studies and her sports activities. She did miss a few games that year because she was too hung over to play.

Ashley Tries Methamphetamine

Ashley and her boyfriend continued to be very close and loved to spend time together. The next summer they both got jobs at the same restaurant again and continued to party on the weekends. Ashley started to notice that her boyfriend’s friends had changed. Then she began to notice that her boyfriend changed as well. It was not long before she found out that he’d begun using methamphetamine. Ashley says that she does not really understand why but she became very curious about using methamphetamine. For a long time her boyfriend refused to give her any or let her use it in his presence but one night she eventually talked him into it.

Ashley says as soon as she used methamphetamine for the first time she was instantly addicted. It got to the point where that’s all she cared about. This happened the summer of her junior year in high school. When she returned to school the following fall, everything suffered due to her methamphetamine addiction that she’d acquired over the summer. Her friends asked her what was wrong with her but she refused to tell them except for her very best friend in the world. At first the girl said nothing to Ashley’s parents but when she continued to see how terribly Ashley was doing she decided to take matters into her own hands.

When Ashley’s parents found out they immediately told her that she was no longer allowed to see her boyfriend and that she had to go to an outpatient rehab facility. Ashley willingly went and did stop using methamphetamine for a period of time. It was also at this point that her boyfriend got arrested.

Ashley Relapses

Ashley was able to stay clean for a few months but eventually she did relapse. However, this time Ashley was a lot better at hiding her drug use. Plus she did not suffer from the usual methamphetamine side effects that most people have. She was always able to fall asleep and eat full meals even when she was completely high out of her mind. She did as well as she could in school for her senior year and when she was 18 she moved out of her parents’ house. They never realized that she relapsed.

Ashley is a very pretty girl and it was not long before she met a guy who always had plenty of money and methamphetamine and wanted to date her seriously. He turned out to be a methamphetamine dealer and was involved with the Mexican cartel. He did not use methamphetamine himself but he lavished money and meth on Ashley all the time. She says that he was very attractive but she really doesn’t think that she was in the relationship for that reason. She had everything that money could buy and all the methamphetamine she could use.

However after dating this man for year, they both got busted during a deal that he was making with a big time client. Because the amount of meth was so large the case got turned over to the DEA. Ashley got sentenced to drug court while she was out on bond but eventually she got busted using again. Under the advice of her lawyers she decided to get the help that she needed. She began the Narconon program after reading the Narconon Reviews concerning the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Ashley has now been clean for three years. She did get convicted of her charges but the judge saw how well she’d done in her program and instead of sentencing her to a life in prison which he could’ve done, she only had to go to jail for a year. Ashley feels that this was a way that God intervened on her life so she could become sober and happy.

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