Football and addiction

Football and addiction

It should not be hard to find football players who have not smoked pot, but apparenty it is, according to this article.

It seems as a nation we have thrown in the towel when it comes to pot.  Instead of insisting on standards we are going “case by case” and in many states marijuana is legal.  Pot is the gateway drug to cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs of abuse.  It is also the gateway to addiction treatment. 

“A history of marijuana use still counts as an unsavory mark on football players coming out of college and entering the National Football League (NFL) draft, but NFL personnel officials say that use of the drug has become so widespread that it has almost become discounted as a measuring stick of a player’s character, Sports Illustrated reported March 23.

“Marijuana use is almost epidemic, with more guys having tested positive for marijuana at some point in their college background than I can ever remember,” one personnel official told SI columnist Don Banks under condition of anonymity. “It’s almost as if we are having to figure out a new way to evaluate it as part of the character and background report, because it’s so prevalent. There’re enough instances of it that it’s hard to know how to set your board. You can’t throw out that many guys. You have to go case-by-case and do your homework on them.”

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