Chyrstal head vodka

Chyrstal head vodka

It is rare to find sensible actions being done regarding drug and alcohol abuse prevention, but last week officials in Ontario did something that made sense.  They banned Chrystal Head Vodka because they were worried that kids might get their hands on it.  While the might not be important to its creator, Dan Akyroyd, (last year there were 40 million in sales) it is important to every family in Ontario.

This action will undoubtedly help prevent at least one individual from arriving to addiction treatment at some point in their life.

“A premium vodka sold in a bottle shaped like a skull has been banned from sale in Ontario, Canada, where officials are concerned that the packaging could appeal to children, the Toronto Globe and Mail reported May 18.

Crystal Head Vodka, created by Canadian actor Dan Akyroyd, was rejected by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario — a semipublic entity with limited regulatory powers and a monopoly on retail liquor sales in Ontario.

Aykroyd professed to be unconcerned about the decision. “I like it, it kind of makes the product more appealing in my view,” he said. “This is a decision that’s been made reflecting the appeal of the product, because the board is rightly concerned that underage drinkers may go to illegitimate means to obtain a bottle of Crystal Head, maybe steal it or whatever.”


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