Alcohol abuse in Pregnancy

Alcohol abuse in Pregnancy

Whatever policy is created for these individuals who are the victims of irresponsible mothers who abused alcohol when they were in utero, should include a clause that protects babies from this in the future.

Alcohol abusers who are also pregnant should receive alcohol treatment during the entire length of their pregnancy.  Society needs to ensure that there is no choice. Alcohol abuse in pregnancy can be fatal to the child in utero.

“Canadian policymakers are debating whether to divert offenders with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) to specialized treatment programs or even to exempt them from incarceration altogether, the Montreal Gazette reported Aug. 16.

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) recently passed a resolution calling for crimes committed by people with FAS to effectively be decriminalized, saying such offenders need treatment and that incarceration is ineffective. “Judges see people before them repeatedly who are probably there in large measure because of a permanent organic brain injury,” said Rob Snow, the incoming president of the CBA.”


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