Prison Overcrowding

Prison Overcrowding

Lately I have been reading many news websites and watching the number of arrests due to either drug trafficking or being under the influence of a drug.  It’s actually looking like it is climbing which I thought was almost impossible.  These drug abusers will end up clogging up the penal system for years to come.  With court backed up in most states they will not see court dates any time soon.

What’s wrong with this?  Our tax dollars are paying for these drug addicts to sit in jail.  It is much cheaper to send them to drug treatment and get them the help that they need rather than having them sit useless in a jail cell.  It is a proven fact that inmates that sit in jail and have nothing to do and no education are more likely to learn how to  deal or do drugs in a new way only leading them right back to prison.

It’s a drug abuse cycle that needs to be stopped now.  Rehabilitate the ones we can.  The drug offenders that are in jail are majority young males.  Let’s stop the madness and help them  kick the habit for good!

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