Recently, Nancy Kerrigan’s father died of an apparent fight with his son. It’s really sad to see that the son was drinking at the time that he snapped and and choked his own father. There have been news reports that he was also using drugs and that led to fights with the family. This is a tragic situation that could have been prevented had someone stepped up and got this man help. Too many times people think it is a “taboo” subject to talk about addiction. For fear for making someone upset or just don’t want to admit to themselves that a family is in trouble, especially with drugs and/or alcohol. There is a way to make this conversation easier, it’s called “intervention” not to be confused with the TV show but has the same basic concepts. That way the user does not feel like you are just wanting to argue but they truly know you love them and want to help. Don’t make the mistake many people make, make that first call to someone who can help you talk to your loved one.


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