Drugs in SchoolThere are many high school students that are currently on drugs. Whether it is prescription drugs, marijuana, heroin, cocaine many are on something.  These children are reaching out for help from someone. Let that someone be you.

The achievement of a student that has overcome drug addiction is  a great thing. To see your  child stand before their class and say I am drug free and I am graduating from high school is something every parent should want to witness. It’s a great feeling.

If you notice your child’s grades start to slip, their friends start changing, their hygiene changing or anything out of the ordinary for them ask questions. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teen, chances are they will listen.

Recent reports have said that more children listen to their parents more than they first thought. Although, we don’t think we are getting through to them, we are. Just keep talking about drug addiction. It’s never too late.

If your child needs help call us. We are here to help.

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  1. High School and college can be prominent locations for prescription drug abuse because of the availability of the drugs from classmates (or classmates’ parents). Due to the often impressionable nature of the high school years, it is important to pay attention to your child’s behavior, as the above post states.

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