Narconon knows it is no secret why the caliber of American soldiers has declined. With the economy at ebb over recent years and drug addiction on the rise, it only stands to reason that unemployed drug abusers would chose the service as a place to respectfully hide out.  Society still respects a soldier and it’s a possible career path, even in a down economy.  Families often turn to the military to handle problems with their children that they couldn’t handle – quite often those problems involve drug abuse.  Here is the article:

“WASHINGTON — Special Army medical units designed to heal wounded heroes today brim with criminals, drug addicts, malingerers and mentally and physically broken soldiers who brought their ailments to boot camp, according to internal Pentagon reports obtained by the Tribune-Review.

Compiled in 2009 and 2010 by the Pentagon’s Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy in Alexandria, Va., the reports allege that the Army’s 38 Warrior Transition units are clogged with soldiers who wouldn’t have entered service had the Army not lowered recruiting standards during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The reports allege that slumping morale of combat soldiers in the special medical units had become “exponential,” partly due to malingering malcontents and “barracks lawyers” who “game the system” by “camping for years” there to the point they eventually outnumber those hurt overseas.”

It is the opinion of Narconon that until we fix the recruitment pool, which is really the general population of youth, the pickins will remain slim for good military recruits.  If a recruit signs up and it is found that they have been abusing drugs, it is the perfect time to get them into treatment.  The country is better for it and so is the individual.

Society needs to take a good hard look at the world of the United States.  While we might be called overseas to fix problems that imperil the freedom of others, we have a huge problem in our own country that is as enslaving as any dictatorship.  Drug addiction is an engulfing problem and we can’t even make good soldiers anymore because of it.

Narconon drug rehab opens its doors to the military – whether it is pre or post recruitment- there is too much drug abuse within this group and we want to help.

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