Did anyone else besides Narconon notice?  The news that a trade association has been formed for the marijuana industry was reported in the New York Times as just another topic of the day.  Apparently law makers and marijuana vendors are sending the message that marijuana is here to stay, whether parents or anyone else cares or not.

Educating kids on the complications that can arise from marijuana is going to be a bit difficult, if school nurses are dispensing it in the morning.

Apparently we need to add “Marijuana Grower” to the list of career opportunities available to our youth.   Next will be the TV ads and after that will follow a nation of stoners, too stupefied to realize that their country is falling fast from being on top of the world.

All of this is moving so quickly that it is obvious what is destined to happen.

That is, unless we decide to do something about it.

“The medical marijuana industry has a new trade organization in Washington, D.C., The New York Times reported Nov. 22.

The National Cannabis Industry Association — which will be officially launched at a December convention in Denver — will be the first national-level organization focused on marijuana. It will serve growers and dispensers of medical marijuana, as well as equipment suppliers.

“This is an industry in its infancy,” said Bob Selan, one of the new trade group’s board members. “But it is an industry now.”

In addition to lobbying Congress, the trade group will also advise medical marijuana businesses on relevant local laws.

“A lot of times these dispensaries can make a huge capital investment only to find out that the local municipality changed its rules, and they have to close down,” said board member J.B. Woods, an insurance agent who serves medical marijuana businesses in several states. “You are in an industry that is very complicated, and ultimately it’s about having a source of credible information.””


At Narconon we have found that many of our students started on the hard stuff after smoking marijuana for a while.  It is a gateway drug that leads to more drug addiction.

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  1. Reza says:

    it’s moved from gateway drug to pop culture and pulp lifestyle. It is all smokescreens derived from the idea of unreasoning, and profit.

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