In present day America millions of kids are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD every year. Many of these kids are the ones that have trouble concentrating in class, get bored easily and often are very intelligent. The list of symptoms that diagnosis a child with ADD/ADHD is very similar to the list of symptoms that declare a child is gifted or has a high IQ. Look it up, they are almost identical. There are few reasons why there are so many kids that are given this diagnosis every year. First of all, most of these kids are very intelligent and they grasp concepts that they are given to study in school much more quickly than many of their peers. Once they grasp these subjects they are often inclined to become bored. Many of them are very creative and they can become disruptive and distract their classmates because they are bored and don’t have some type of positive outlet to release their creative energy. This can be very frustrating for many teachers who often have many other students to help and do not have the energy to deal with the antics of bored creative kids.

Parents may also become frustrated with these types of children because they do not have the energy to handle them after spending a long day at work trying to provide for their family. They go to their doctors at the recommendation of the school and the doctor gives them a quick fix answer that explains it all. The child cannot help it, the have ADD/ADHD and medication may be a good option for them.

Financial Gain

There are also some reasons for these diagnosis that are bit more menacing. For every child that is labeled with ADD/ADHD and medicated for it, a public school will receive more funding. For every parent who receives social financial benefits for their families that has a child that is medicated for ADD/ADHD or some other disorder they also receive more money. Most of these parents do not realize what they are doing to their child in exchange for extra money. Most of them probably feel that their child genuinely needs the help from a doctor and the medication that is prescribed and feel that the money that is given to them is going to benefit their whole family including the child that has the diagnosis.

The problem with many of these medications or study drugs is that they are dangerous. Most study drugs are stimulants and have the side effects of such. The side effects of long term stimulant use and abuse in children can cause the following symptoms:

  • Restriction of proper growth
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anorexia
  • Delayed puberty in some
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Excessive stress to the cardiovascular system
  • Heart enlargement
  • Addiction
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Death
  • Increased risk for addiction to stimulants later in adult life

Most of the side effects of these study medications are not openly talked about at the doctor’s offices. Most doctors feel that the benefits outweigh the risks, for themselves and their patients. The fact that they have the drug companies giving them all types of incentives to give out their drugs can be pretty effective motivation as well. The company that puts out the most literature and information in regards to ADD/ADHD and treatment options for these disorders is given large amounts of their annual funding from different drug companies.

Most parents would not put their child on these drugs if they knew the risks that were involved in doing so. They also would probably not put their children on these medications if they knew that their were other effective treatments for these kids that were not dangerous. The problem is that the drug companies have so much money that they make it one of the best apparent options for kids who supposedly are suffering ADD/ADHD.


It has been shown that kids who are put ADD/ADHD medication run a higher risk to addiction stimulants in their adult life. Because they are used to operating in life on a stimulant and then eventually their medication is no longer prescribed to them, they look for the stimulated feeling through other means. This can mean that they buy these types of medications illegally on the street, or in some cases start using illegal drugs that act the same way.

When a child or adult comes off of these medications, they may suffer from withdrawal or addictive behavior. They may need to go to a rehab center for addiction counseling to overcome some of these issues. A Narconon rehab center is a very good option for these individuals because at Narconon the person will address their physical dependency on the drug as well as learn the life coping skills that they need to function without these study drugs anymore.

The self cognitive courses that a person takes while attending Narconon are a very good fit for someone coming off of study drugs. They will learn how to communicate and concentrate as well as learn a very successful study method. They will learn the reasons why they had trouble concentrating in school and the solutions to overcome them. They will learn how really study information so that they understand and can assimilate it instead of just memorizing facts so that they can pass a test. They also learn how to calm themselves down so that they are more able to concentrate and focus. When they learn these skills they will find that they no longer have as great a need for the medications that they were so dependent on just to get through a class or test. They find that they actually can do better on their own. For a kid that has been told most of their life that they have something wrong with them, this can be a real boost to their self esteem. The Narconon program has a seventy-six percent success rate for all people who graduate the program.

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