Objectives Course

Here is a success from one of our Narconon drug treatment students on the objectives course.

Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and opiates make a person feel scattered and out of touch with the world. Drug abuse can become out of control.  Objectives help a person become oriented to the real world.

“I have noticed that everything is my choice.  Even yesterday when I was late, it was my choice.  I feel  more calm overall in my life.  I noticed when I do the objective it’s my choice to follow all the commands and I’m in control of whether or not I’m able to follow the motions or not.  Everything is in my control pretty much.

Even if other people are messing up I have control over my life.  Before this objective when I would think about my life it would seem unmanageable and chaotic with no real solution to my problems and if there were solutions they were unobtainable.  Now for almost every problem I have I can think of of solutions for each one and they are all readily available to me and not complicated.

I’m not really sure why everything seems much less complicated.  Also I feel much less scattered in myself.  I feel a quiet calm satisfaction as opposed to a manic giddy excitement. My energy and thoughts have more diction as opposed to being random and sporadic.  Thank you for this opportunity.

I think something has changed in me fundamentally.”

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