This is the story of a girl we will call Jean. Jean is not her real name, just a alias that we will use to protect her identity. Jean suffered from an addiction to cocaine.

Not to the Cocaine energy drink, but actual cocaine. Jean grew up in a single-parent home with her brother. Her mother often had to work and Jean often had a lot of time to herself. Because of her family’s financial situation, Jean and her brother would often have to move when Jean’s mom would get a new job. Jean always played sports in school and she also made good grades. Because of her bubbly and outgoing personality, Jean was always able to make new friends very quickly. And also because of the fact she played sports Jean was always very popular.

Jean Starts to Party

When Jean was 14 years old, she began to smoke marijuana. Although she kept all of her athletic friends, she also began hanging out with the kids who did drugs. She was still able to maintain her good grades and stayed out of trouble. When Jean was 16 she got a job at the local diner after school. While she was working there she met a man who was 15 years her senior. She was very attracted to him and him to her. She did not tell her mother that she was interested in an older man because she knew her mother would not approve. It was not long before Jean was being taken out by this older man on dates. He worked very hard to impress Jean, and with her being as young and naïve as she was this was not hard to do. Pretty soon she began to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol with the man.

The man helped Jean to get a fake ID so that she could get into bars and restaurants that he frequented often. One night they went to a bar and Jean got very drunk. She was so drunk that she complained to her boyfriend that she did not feel like it was a good idea for her to go home and face her mother in her condition. Her boyfriend told her not to worry he had something that would help sober her up. She asked him what it was and he told her that it was crack cocaine. Jean again, was very naïve, and had no idea what crack was. Her boyfriend had to tell her how to use it. He told her as he pulled out a glass tube, and put it the crack at one end, to hold the lighter to it and inhale it the way she would marijuana.

It only took that first hit before Jean was addicted. She did not end up going home that night; instead she stayed out all night with her boyfriend smoking crack. Her mother was very angry with her when she did go home. Pretty soon her mother found out about the older man the Jean was dating. She told Jean that she had to either break up with the man or she would no longer be welcome in her home. Jean refused to break up with her boyfriend and her mother kicked her out of her house.

Jean started staying with her boyfriend. It was not long after her boyfriend had her under his the control that he began beating her. Jean begged her mother to let her come home a few times, but her mother refused. One time Jean’s boyfriend beat her so badly that she had no other choice but to run out into the neighborhood screaming for someone to call the police. The police quickly came and her boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence charges. Jean soon had to find another place to live. Luckily Jean still had her job at the diner where she was able to make enough money to live on a day-to-day basis. One day while she was working at the diner one of her friends from school came into the diner to eat. Jean was very happy to see her friend whom she had not seen in quite a while because Jean had stopped going to school for a couple of months. Her friend invited her to come to her house, which was not far from the diner once Jean got off of work. Jean happily accepted the invitation.

Jean Breaks Down and Then Pick Up the Pieces

When Jean got to her friend’s house her friend asked her how she was. Jean immediately began to cry. Her friend asked her what the problem was. Jean told her everything; about the crack, her older boyfriend and the domestic violence charges. Her friend asked her where she’d been living and Jean said mostly in a hotel down the street and sometimes with friends. Her friend asked her if there is anything that she could do to help. Jean told her she really needed a place to stay. Her friend told her she would be happy to ask her mother if Jean could stay with them and she was sure that her mother would agree. The girls prediction was correct and it was not long before Jean moved all her stuff into her friend’s home.

Jeans friend’s mother quickly assessed that there was something that Jean and her daughter were not telling her. She figured out that Jean had an addiction to crack. She called Jean’s mother for help, but Jeans mother refused to do anything for her daughter except for give the kind stranger that had taken her in her insurance information.

The mother of Jean’s friend called around to all of her friends asking for help with what to do for the girl she had taken into her home. She finally got in touch with one friend who had a great solution for her; Narconon.

Jean was then sent to Narconon two days after her seventeenth birthday. Her mother had granted her emancipation so that she was able to attend the program despite her age. Jean now says that Narconon and Narconon Objectives saved her life. She says that if she ever comes across anyone who is struggling with addiction she always tells them about Narconon. Jean has been clean for fourteen years now and has three beautiful children. She says she would probably be dead if she had not gotten the help that she needed from the Narconon program.

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