Narconon of Georgia

Narconon of Georgia

Three students are graduating from the Narconon program.  Each one of them is quite special.  This success is from someone who had a long-term career in a profession that helps people.  The problem was, she was so busy helping others, she never really got help herself.  That has changed for her now and she is ready to embark on her new life.  Here is her success:

“On August 3rd, I entered Narconon.  I thought no one could really help me because I had been in other treatment centers and they didn’t work.  And honestly, I thought I could just apply what I’d learned in the other places and I’d be OK.  My sister found Narconon and with the help of Mary and both of them assuring me it was a different approach, I decided I’d give it a shot.  I had nothing to lose.

I had been isolating myself in my bedroom, drinking about a fifth a day of vodka and my living situation was absolutely horrible.  I had needed help for a long time, but had just become so numb to everything around me.  When I first got here, I really though this place was odd.  As I started going through the program, I slowly began feeling and looking better.

The sauna program was great.  It really made me feel physically better.  I didn’t understand.

The Objectives section of the program changed everything for me.  I had some amazing wins and realizations.   These are so powerful; I would want everyone who needs help to do them.  They helped me to see how good of a person I am and how much better I can become.

I thought I’d never feel okay without medication, but objectives showed me that I could feel better without the medication.

In the rest of the program taught me about different parts of life.  This was important for me to learn.    I wanted things out of life, yet I was so down and out.   I know I can get these things now.

I would recommend Narconon to anyone.  This stuff is great!

I greatly appreciate the staff and program for helping me out of a dark place in my life.”

Narconon staff and students wish you well!

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    congrats guys!

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