Narconon success

Narconon success

A Narconon graduate from two years ago took the time to recently write a letter of appreciation to the staff about he has continued to prosper since graduating from the Narconon program.  James learned, like many others, that the Narconon program isn’t just about staying clean – it’s about learning those basic life skills essential to success and happiness.  That is why Narconon is the New Life Program.  Here is the letter.

“Dear Staff,

My life has been amazing since I graduated from Narconon.  I use the tools I learned there every day and I wanted to give you some examples.

In the Narconon Communication course I learned to stand my ground, without losing my temper, even if someone was being insulting.  I used to get angry with people who talked down to me and would get into a lot of fights.  I couldn’t control my anger – but now I am totally different and I have been amazed at myself for being calm in certain situations.

I used to think that I could only communicate to people who were similar to me.  Narconon taught me that I am very capable of communicating with every class mate that I have in college.  I just have to find points of common reality.  I talk to people now, that before, I would have thought that I was not good enough to talk to.     This lesson helped me in a government class.  I had to teach the class about media politics.  I wanted to reach all the students – those who were interested in the topic and those who weren’t.  I was successful in this goal and I received many compliments.

At Narconon I learned to study.  This is important for success.  I received a 91 on my first paper of the year.   In this particular class, I have done well on the tests and have the highest grade in the class.

At Narconon I learned about anti-social people and how much people can affect your life.  Now I do not associate with anyone in college unless I think they are trying to better their lives.  I do not want to be around anyone who is going to try and bring me down.

I hope one day I can help a person as much as Mary Rieser helped me.  Narconon and Mary gave me the opportunity to make my life better and stop living a worthless life.  I am thankful to her and the Narconon program.



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