This is the fifth part of an article about a new addiction that is becoming rampant throughout the world. This new addiction is to a line of designer drugs that are labeled as “bath salts” or “plant food” and sold legally in many different locations. There are many dangers and risks associated with these new drugs, however the long term effects on the users are not yet know as these drugs are so new. In this article we are currently discussing a man we are calling Tommy who became addicted to these new drugs. This is the story of his addiction and how he battled it at Narconon Drug Rehab and how he is doing now.

Tommy Goes Out of State to Find Bath Salts

Because the sale of bath salts soon became illegal in the state of Florida, Tommy and his girlfriend soon started driving to Georgia to buy them. One of Tommy’s sons lived in Georgia had become an adult. Tommy soon found out that his oldest son was using bath salts as well. When Tommy would come to Georgia to get a fresh supply of the bath salts, he and his son would sometimes use them together, along with his son’s girlfriend.

After a while, Tommy was using so much of the bath salts that he would have to drive to Georgia every other week to every week.
At this point Tommy was rarely ever sleeping. The only time he would ever sleep would be when he had run out of the drug and was unable to acquire more right away. Tommy began to become paranoid. He started suspecting that someone was hacking into his computer. He was starting to have suspicions that one of his neighbors was up to something and plotting against him. Tommy was also having hallucinations.

Tommy Loses Job and His Girlfriend

Tommy became very strung out on the bath salts in a very short amount of time. It got to the point where he was unable to keep his job because he started missing work and when he did go, he was unable to perform his duties to a satisfactory level. Tommy also began to have fights with his girlfriend on  an every day basis. It was not long before she decided that she wanted to move out and not see Tommy in a romantic way. He was just getting too paranoid on this new drug. His girlfriend did not seem to suffer from paranoia as much as he did, but then again she was able to fall asleep everyday because of her thyroid condition. Tommy began to drive her crazy with all of his paranoid ranting about his neighbor.

His girlfriend would use the stuff and fall asleep within a couple of hours after using. Because Tommy did not, and perhaps because of certain compounds that the bath salt was made out of, Tommy did not sleep hardly ever. He lost about sixty pounds, and Tommy was not a vey large man to begin with. Because he was not sleeping or eating, Tommy’s hallucinations began to get much worse. In addition to thinking that someone had hacked into his computer, Tommy also began to think that people were trying to break into his home.

Tommy’s Bath Salt Psychosis Reaches Dangerous Proportions

It got to the point that Tommy not longer had any kind of grasp on reality. Some days when Tommy was driving down the street, he would think that he saw a car just stopped on the highway. Tommy would pull to stop as to avoid an accident and he said that right at the time he would come to the car that was stopped in the road, it was would suddenly just disappear. This helped Tommy figure out that he was hallucinating. This got to be such a common occurrence for Tommy that he said he finally just stopped slowing down and would just keep going at full speed through his hallucinations.

Tommy also said that one day he was driving down the street and he saw a mother with her children walking down the middle of the road. He said that she was also was pushing a baby carriage. He said that he slowed down and tried to stop before he ran into the mother with her kids. He said that he was unable to stop quickly enough and right at the point where his car would have hit her, she and her kids just disappeared. He figured out that he had been hallucinating again.

Tommy Begins to Fight with Phantom People

Tommy’s computer began to act strangely according to him. Most of his friends say it was probably due to a virus. However, Tommy was convinced that one of his neighbors had taken over it and would do different things to the computer while Tommy was trying to use it. Tommy began to get really angry and began to suspect that one of his neighbors, who was an elderly man, was trying to mess with him

Tommy then began to think that other neighbors of his were trying to break into his house and starts fist fights and knife fights with him. One night Tommy was sitting on his couch looking at picture that was hanging on the wall. Tommy had not been asleep for fourteen days and it was wearing on him. He noticed that the picture kept sliding down the wall. He wondered how this could keep happening. He then figured out that it was not the fact that the picture was sliding down the wall, it was that his floor was moving up. There were people who were trying to get into his house from under the floor. Apparently then the people did get in and Tommy spent all night fighting them with a knife. The next day Tommy called the cops to tell them what happened. He told them to check under his trailer, because he was sure that one of them was still under there. He also wanted to know how the people had pushed up his floor. The cops looked under his trailer but found no evidence of anyone trying to break into Tommy’s house, nor was there any person underneath his trailer. The whole incident had been one big hallucination.

Continued in part six

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