There is a man that we will call Fred, although that is not his real name just one used to protect his identity, that battled addiction to alcohol for the good first part of his life. Fred came from a well-to-do family, with parents that were very intelligent yet neurotic. He says that he grew up with a childhood filled with chaos, and although his parents loved each other very much, they both had very bad tempers and would get into screaming matches with each other. Fred was one of five children.

Fred went very good private schools and always made very good grades. He was always very popular because of his witty sense of humor and good looks. He was captain of the swim team, captain of the debate club, president of his class, and part of the drama club. He started drinking alcohol when he was 13 years old when his parents would throw parties at their home. His parents did not drink, and neither did any of his brothers or sisters. Fred said that alcohol calmed his nerves and put a buffer between him and the real world. He says he’s always been very sensitive to alcohol helped to numb his emotions.

Fred Starts Dealing Drugs

When Fred was 16 he started using and selling cocaine. He went to a school where there were a lot of wealthy kids and many potential buyers. When Fred was 18 he went to an Ivy League college and met his future wife. She quickly became pregnant, and they married, but she later had a miscarriage. The couple stayed together throughout college and Fred continued to sell cocaine. When Fred was 21 and newly graduated from college he got arrested trying to buy cocaine in South America. He was released back into the states and his case was dismissed in America due to a technicality.

However, Fred took this as a warning sign and told himself he would never use cocaine again. He also quit drinking. His wife stuck through his legal situation with him and for a while they had a very good marriage. Fred took his degree and got a very good job making a lot of money. He and his wife bought a big house and when they were both 25 she became pregnant again. Things were going very good and one night at a party Fred had a couple of drinks. He says that he thought to himself he could handle it, but apparently he could not, because it was not long before he began drinking every night.

Fred Uses Methamphetamine

Fred worked with a lot of bigwig businessman and many of them used methamphetamine. Fred told himself that he could use methamphetamine because it was not cocaine. He said that he really liked methamphetamine because he gave him a feeling that was similar to cocaine but not cocaine so by using it he did not go against his word to himself. He also told himself that he was able to get more work done and be more productive while he was on meth. However this decision was not good for his marriage.

Fred and his wife began to fight constantly over his sobriety. She told him that she loved him very much and she really wanted to make it work, but she could not stand the way alcohol and methamphetamine were affecting his personality. Fred would wake up in the morning and use methamphetamine and go to work and then binge drink when he got home until he was at the point where he could pass out. He said that if he did not drink after using methamphetamine all day, he was not able to go to sleep. His body became physically addicted to alcohol and he would wake up at 4:30 AM in the morning and have to drink himself back into oblivion to sleep until 8:30 AM, at which point he would use more methamphetamine and go back to work.

On the weekends, Fred would stay drunk or high for 24 hours a day. He says some weekends he would use a lot of methamphetamine and just drink enough to not get the shakes but would not sleep all weekend, until Sunday night when he would drink himself to oblivion and finally pass out. He says that he always tried to be a good father, but he knows that he was not able to do that because he was always inebriated. He tried to hide this fact from his children, but he was unable to do so.

Fred’s Wife Leaves for Good

Fred and his wife had a couple of trial separations, in which Fred went to a couple of different twelve-step programs. He said he genuinely wanted to get sober, but he would physically feel so terrible when he was not drinking that eventually he would always go back. He says that he had to do a couple of medical detoxes but even after he was through the acute stage of withdrawal, he still felt physically terrible.

Eventually Fred’s wife gave up, and told him that she wanted a divorce. Fred left the house and gave her what she wanted. He got a pretty nice house nearby so he would be able to stay in contact with his kids and see them as often as he could and as often as his ex-wife would allow. At this point Fred went to his doctor and told him that he was suffering from anxiety and he also felt like he was suffering from ADD. His doctor prescribed him Xanax and Ativan. One night Fred took three or four Ativan and washed them down with a glass of whiskey. He woke up five days later in the hospital with no memory of what had happened. He was told later that the authorities had found him lying on the lawn of a nearby country club face down in the grass. He has no memory to this day of how he got there. When he awoke in the hospital he also had a long laceration on his abdomen, and he has no memory of how he got that either.

It was at this point that Fred decided to go to Narconon and get the Narconon Alcohol Treatment that he needed. Although Fred has not gotten back together with his ex-wife, he was able to regain his friendship with her and they still see each other and talk on the phone often. Fred says that the Narconon New Life Detoxification program helped him to feel physically the way he did before he ever drank and that the courses taught him the tools that he needed to deal with life sober. He has been clean for five years now and says that he feels better than ever.

If you or a loved one need help with alcohol addiction, please call Narconon of Georgia today. Kind and compassionate counselors are waiting to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

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