This is the story of a man that we will call Eddie. This is not his real name but one we will use to protect his identity. Eddie suffered from alcoholism from the time that he was 13 until the time that he was 30. When Eddie was three years olds, his parents got a divorce because his father cheated on his mother. Eddie remembers running and screaming after his father telling him not to leave them, feeling helpless because there was nothing that he could do to stop him.

He said that there was a very nasty divorce battle that ensued after his father left. He also said that his father quickly married the woman that he had sworn he never slept with. He said that every time he would go to visit his father he always had horrible things to say about his mother and his mother never had anything nice to say about his father either. He said that this was very hard on him because he loves both of his parents. He never knew which side to take and constantly felt confused.

Despite all this Eddie always did very well in school and excelled at sports as well. He had many friends, which was not hindered by the fact that he was the star player on his baseball team. Eddie spent the majority of his childhood in his mother’s home and would see his father occasionally on weekends or during school vacation time. However, when he was 13 years old, he and his younger sister went to live with their father for year. At this, point Eddie says, he saw his father for what he really was. He and his father fought constantly and often about Eddie’s mom. One night they got into such a severe fight and Eddie’s dad told him that he would be returning to his mother’s house the following day. Eddie said that that was the best news that he had heard in a long time.

Eddie went back to his mom’s house and life went semi back to normal. Eddie continued to play sports and do well in school until the following summer. By this point Eddie had started smoking marijuana occasionally but he was not all that interested in parting, he was much more interested in sports.

Eddie Gets an Operation that Does Not Save His Life

When Eddie was a small child, doctors discovered that he had scoliosis. They always monitored his back and told his mother that if it got much worse they would have to recommend operating on him. Every year Eddie would go in and get his back x-rayed and every year the doctor said that they didn’t have to operate yet. However when Eddie was 15 he had a growth spurt due to puberty and his scoliosis got much worse. The doctors decided that they were going to have to operate.

Eddie says that the pain that followed the operation was the worst that he has ever felt in his entire life. He said that he had to take such large amounts of morphine and other opiate pain prescription medications that he can barely remember anything from that time. The operation was done at the beginning of summer so he would have time to recover somewhat before his freshman year of high school started. The following school year Eddie was not quite enough yet recovered to be able to go back and play sports again. Instead of patiently waiting for his body to be at the point where he could do the one thing that he loved most; play baseball, Eddie says he gave up on life. He was very depressed after spending a year with his father and then because he was unable to play baseball as well. He’d been smoking a bit of marijuana prior to this point, but after his operation he said he started to party full throttle.

His grades dropped dramatically so by the time his back was well enough for him to play baseball again, the coaches wouldn’t have even had anything to do with him. He said that it was just downhill from there. By the time he was 16 he was using cocaine occasionally, drinking every day and smoking marijuana constantly. By the time he was 17 he was shooting heroin and smoking crack. Eddie says that he was addicted to both substances to such a degree that he cannot decide which were worse; his crack symptoms or his heroin symptoms.

Eddie Goes To Rehab for the First Time

Eddie’s mother was very naïve but eventually she found out what was going on and sent her son to rehab. Eddie says that he hated rehab and it did not help him to get clean at all because he was not ready. When he came back out he went right back to his old ways and by this time he was 18 and moved out of his mother’s home. The next few years are pretty much a blur for Eddie because he was so high constantly on drugs. He was able to find a good job that somehow he was able to keep that supplied him with ample amount of money to support his drug habit. When Eddie was 24 he called his mother in tears and told her that he needed help because he was afraid he was going to die from drug overdose.

She sent him to a long-term treatment center in Canada were Eddie began to deal with some of his issues. When he came back home he had every intention of staying clean, but this resolve only lasted for two months. He relapsed again without calling his mother for two weeks and also got fired from his job. When he tried to come back home, he found that his mother had changed the locks and would not let him in. She told him until he was able to live a sober life on his own she wanted nothing more to do with him. Eddie says that that was the best thing that ever happened to him. He packed up and moved to Florida into a halfway house where he was able to stay clean for two years before moving out on his own. Eddie found a job and saved up money and even rented a house and bought a new car. He did well for a while until he was laid off from his job and started to receive unemployment. At this point he started drinking again. He drank all day every day for the next two years until he had a car accident and got arrested for DUI.

Upon recommendation from his lawyer Eddie decided to go to rehab. A friend of his told him about Narconon alcohol treatment and Eddie decided to go.

Eddie says that when he first got to Narconon he thought he did not really have a problem because he did not relapse and go back to using drugs but had only been drinking alcohol for two years. He now says that he realizes that his alcohol addiction was even more severe than his drug addiction and it was all due to issues that he had refused to confront within himself. Eddie is now sober and doing very well. He says that he knows that he will never drink again because he has the ability to take responsibility for his life and his emotions.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to alcohol please call Narconon.

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