Huffing Addiction

Huffing Addiction

Drug Abuse in Mexico is growing at a dangerously rapid rate.  Mexican officials are trying to combat this problem but are not having much success.  Since huffing is so easy and cheap to come by, it is literally around every corner.  Children holding wet rags over their faces getting high over and over.  What they don’t understand is just one time can kill them.

Huffing death has no warning.  It could be the very first time, it could be the last time.  Drug Addiction Treatment Centers can help with huffing in any state or country.  Huffing is a truly scary addiction that isn’t readily seen unless you know what you are looking for.  One major sign is the smell of gasoline or inhalant on the persons breath.  Take notice and remember it only takes one time.

The number of inhalant users rose 70% from 2002 to 2008, from 314,760 to 533,797, according to Mexico’s Health Secretariat. The number of people checking into drug treatment centers rose 80% during the same period, from 4,050 to 7,293.

The chemicals damage brain cells, causing learning disabilities, speech problems and difficulty walking. They can attack the kidneys, liver and heart. Toluene is not as physically addictive as crack, heroin or methamphetamine, but for many users, it becomes a dangerous crutch, clouding their thinking and keeping them on the street, Salazar says.


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