Methamphetamine South Carolina

Methamphetamine South Carolina

For years, Narconon of Georgia has serviced the South Carolina community with effective drug addiction treatment.  About 4 years ago a client arrived from South Carolina, badly addicted to methamphetamine.  In fact, the entire factory where he worked was on meth.  He returned from  drug rehab clean.  He went home and sent a co-worker to Narconon.  He also returned to South Carolina clean.  Within a couple of years the entire factory was drug free and remains so to this day.

There is a methamphetamine problem in South Carolina for sure – but help is right across the border.

“Methamphetamine is a constant threat in the state of South Carolina. In the last year there has been a slight increase in methamphetamine seizures pivotal to the steady decrease documented between 2005 and 2007. This spurt, in spite of recently passed state and federal laws prohibiting the sale of methamphetamine HCl precursors, may be attributed to traffickers using alternative methods for processing methamphetamine or Ice. Mexico and local suppliers are the primary sources for methamphetamine in the state with Atlanta reported as a source city. Typically, the drug is transported from Mexico, California, and Atlanta by private vehicle using I-20 and I-95.”


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