Four Loko

Four Loko

Four Loko drinks continue to be banned in several states.  Many are following suite and the makers of Four Loko have been asked to prove why their product is safe by the FDA.  This is a huge step in getting the product off the market and out of the hands of unsuspecting teenagers and young adults.

Four Loko combines high levels of alcohol content with caffeine which is equal to 2 cups of coffee.  Studies have shown that alcohol mixed with caffeine and make the drinker think they are not intoxicated and then once the alcohol wears off they feel the intense effect of the alcohol and quite possibly suffer from alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol addiction among our youth has long been a problem.  Many adults report that they started drinking in their teenage years and continue into adulthood.  Products such as these encourage drinking among our youth since many drink to be social and they use energy drinks to stay awake.

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  1. Reza says:

    This stuff should be banned in all the states, and is a major danger to young adults who abuse the drink and unsuspectingly are harmed by it’s effects!

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