Think you have heard about this?  Well, if you haven’t listen up.  This is the newest trend for teenagers to get drunk quicker (although studies show it isn’t true).  Teenagers raise a bottle to their eye and pour in the vodka.  Not only can this cause scarring to the eye and can lead to blindness , it is very painful.  Imagine pouring rubbing alcohol into your eye? OUCH!

Make sure you know where your alcohol is at all times. Mark the bottle if necessary you never know when your teenager might just steal a quick drink.  Talk to your kids, they will usually listen.  This is a scary trend that needs to be stopped before it blinds our youth.  It can also lead to alcohol addiction in teenagers, thinking it will make them more popular.  Seek help immediately if you know someone doing this or you yourself have done it. It’s not to late to seek alcohol treatment.


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