Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment

Looks like time is up for Lindsay Lohan.  Although she is currently incarcerated in California at the Lynwood Facility her 90 days sentence will not be served “to the door”.  Her battle with drug addiction has been all over the news media and internet.  She has become the poster child for drug abuse and it has really turned into a very sad but very real situation for this young Hollywood actress.

Upon release from jail Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to a drug treatment facility of her choice.  She doesn’t have a choice whether to go or not.  She must complete the program or she will again find herself back in jail.

I hope that Lindsay chooses the correct drug rehab for her needs.  One that she will be able to come off all of her addicting prescription medications along with the illegal drugs and alcohol that she has been consuming.  My hope is that Lindsay’s life is saved by these turn of events and I will be closely watching her progress.

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