Drug education in this country has gone through many different phases. In some of the first anti-drug movements, educators and officials used drastic scare tactics to keep kids from trying drugs. The main problem with this method was that some of the information that officials gave to the youth of America was false. Kids would later find that “facts” were embellished and exaggerated and go on to dismiss all the information that had been presented to them about drugs. They would sometimes even dismiss information about some drugs that really were very dangerous to use.

The next phase in drug education was quite a bit more apathetic. Public officials gave up trying to deter kids from using drugs since they felt their other efforts had been futile. They decided that the best thing to do was to give kids information on how to use drugs in “safe’ way since they felt that they were unable to stop them from using them. They felt that the next best thing was to stop kids from killing themselves while using drugs.

Although there may have been some cases where kids were prevented from killing themselves from using drugs, this method was not very good for public morale. Even if a person is using drugs is a way that may not kill them, they are still setting themselves up for addiction to these drugs. Addiction is very devastating even if the person who is addicted is not dead. Addiction changes a person’s personality into something that they are not. People who become addicted to drugs often become anti-social and their priorities change drastically. People who are addicted can get to the point where they are willing to do anything to get their next fix and they no longer care about their priorities in life. This can be very devastating to those people that are around them that care about them. Many families have felt the loss of a loved one who was at one time a good caring person, but turned into a drug obsessed desperate individual.

Once it was seen that this method was not really helping people overall, there was an opening for a different type of educational method. Narconon schools and parents saw that the new method needed to be different than any other one that had been tried before.

Narconon Drug Education

Narconon has one of the most successful drug education techniques in the world. Narconon presents the actual facts about drugs to kids in a way that they can relate to. The truth about drugs is scary enough that facts really do not need to be embellished to get through to kids that using drugs are not a good idea. Narconon has found that if one presents the serious facts about drugs in a humorous light and in social situations, kids actually take the information more seriously and decide from the information that is presented that they do not want to use drugs. Narconon does not use guilt tactics to try to make kids feel like they will be less than human if they have an interest in drug use. Narconon approaches the problem from a social angle instead, which is one that most kids who are at the age where they are going to be first exposed to drugs can relate to the most. Narconon drug education presenters also talk about the main reason that a lot of kids start using drugs is often because they feel uncomfortable in social situations and many times drugs can give them a false sense of bravado so they don’t feel as nervous in front of their peers. The presenter also goes on to explain that the good feeling that a person gets from using drugs is temporary and accomplishing long term goals will make a person feel as good and the feeling is not temporary.

Narconon drug education also goes over the dangers and risks involved with using drugs, but only the real facts are presented so that there is never any information that can later be disputed or disregarded.

Narconon Drug Education Today

Narconon as one of the leaders of drug education, stays up to date with the current drug trends in America so that their information is always valid. This is very helpful since the kind of drugs that are popular vary from year to year. Narconon discusses the risks and ill effects of all drugs, legal and illegal. Not many other drug educations programs do that and that is very unfortunate because as of late there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of prescription drugs that are being abused by our youth. There are many kids who have been ill effected by the fact that this not known by majority of the people who are in charge of distributing information to kids about drugs. Some kids do not even know that what they are doing is dangerous because they feel that prescription drugs are medicine and safe. They do not do the proper research because they do not understand that there are serious risks that are involved with using these drugs without the supervision of a doctor.

There are some parents whose children have died from overdosing on prescription medication and they did not even know that their child had used drugs. Kids have been given so much information on the dangers of drugs that are illegal and bought off the street that the use of illegal drugs is down in America today. The kids are using prescription medications or designer drugs instead. All drug education programs need to become aware of what drugs are actually being used currently so that they are better prepared to give accurate and up to date information to our kids.

Narconon ensures that information that is presented in drug education lectures is current and up to date with the times. Narconon is very effective at achieving its main three goals in regards to drug education. These goals are:

  • Convince kids that are using drugs to stop, or seek treatment if they need help to stop
  • Convince kids who have not tried drugs, but are not certain how they feel about the issue to make a firm decision to not use drugs is the future.
  • Give kids who already made the decision that they do not want to use drugs the positive re-enforcement to stick to that decision with confidence.

Narconon drug education lectures are available for schools as well as for businesses. Contact your local Narconon center for more information today.

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