Yellow Stone County

Yellow Stone County

Drug Court looks to be a great way to handle a drug offender without having him go through regular court because addicts are usually driven by their condition and would likely not be in court if it wasn’t for their drug addiction.

Gustafson’s new program will be the first in Yellowstone County aimed specifically at individuals charged with felony crimes related to drug addiction but not necessarily involving children. In the family drug treatment court, every case involves children placed in care outside the parent’s home, and the main incentive for offenders going through the program is getting their children back.

Under the drug-court model, offenders are not simply punished but actively encouraged to deal with the addiction that is at their heart of their criminal problems.

Following this model I believe that Drug Addiction Treatment Centers can be a big part of this court.  Mandating offenders receive treatment for their addiction is the best way to for the addict not to re-offend.  If they don’t have drugs and alcohol to buy then statistically thefts and other crimes should go down.


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