Drug Addicted Babies

Drug Addicted Babies

Thousands of babies born in the United States will be born addicted to some type of drug, whether it is prescription drugs or illegal drugs the effects on the baby can be the same.  Babies born addicted to any medication and/or illegal drugs are often placed in the NICU for observation of withdrawal symptoms.  Many babies will cry uncontrollably, shake, have tremors, seizures, rapid heart rate and more.  Some withdrawal symptoms do not show immediately they may take days after birth before the first sign of withdrawal.

Drug addiction in infants is a growing problem that can be stopped.  Before taking any type of medication even prescribed drugs do your homework.  Many Dr’s prescribe drugs that can be harmful to the infant.  If you are taking any kind of illegal drug you must seek help immediately, the effects on your child can be deadly.  Drug Treatment centers are here to help anyone who may be taking any drug during pregnancy.  Get help today before you baby suffers.

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