Who cares if pot isn’t a gateway drug for all that use it?  Does that make it good?  Its use definitely precedes the use of cocaine, opiates and other drugs for many individuals.

Obviously this study was not done on persons in drug treatment – the outcome would have been different.

There is no logical reason to promote pot.  It is true that a pothead should not have their life ruined by the criminal system but that is a different argument.

Pot is a gateway drug and it can eventually lead one to other drug addiction that require treatment.

FRIDAY, Sept. 3 (HealthDay News) — A new report casts doubt on the argument that marijuana is a “gateway drug” that plays a major role in leading people to try other illegal drugs.

Researchers found that other factors, such as ethnicity and stress levels, are more likely to predict whether young adults will use other illegal drugs.

Even unemployment appears to be more closely linked to harder illicit drug use than marijuana use, the study authors noted.

“Employment in young adulthood can protect people by ‘closing’ the marijuana gateway, so over-criminalizing youth marijuana use might create more serious problems if it interferes with later employment opportunities,” study co-author Karen Van Gundy, an associate professor of sociology at the University of New Hampshire, said in a university news release.


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