Car Accident

Car Accident

President Obama has declared the month of December Impaired driving prevention month.  This is to draw attention to the growing problem of people being under the influence of alcohol and/or legal or illegal drugs and driving.  Just because you are prescribed a medication doesn’t mean that you can drive while taking this medication.

According to Obama’s proclamation, thousands of Americans lose their lives to “drunk, drugged or distracted driving” every year. Obama described drugged driving as a “growing problem” and specifically pointed to the danger of driving under the influence of prescription drugs as well as illicit drugs. He referred to distracted driving — texting or using electronics while driving — as “life-threatening,” and recommended the website as a prevention tool.

Awareness and education is the key to prevention.  Narconon educates the public with drug education lectures, brochures and more.

Many people that are driving impaired are actually addicted to what they are taking without them knowing or admitting their drug addiction.  This is a dangerous cycle that has to be stopped as soon as possible.


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