Drugs like heroin and cocaine dull the senses and block off communication with the world.  The Narconon addiction treatment program gets the former addict back in communication with the world and self.  Drug abuse can be stopped and  here is a success from a person who is moving through the “objectives” part of the program.

“Today was a time for self-realization for me – a time to stop and understand how the body and mind interact with the tangible objects around them.  As I became more relaxed with myself I had thoughts of past experiences that I had suppressed for some time.  Some of these experiences had anxiety and fear, but I was able to get relief from them.   I could do this by looking at things and comparing them to a past reality.


Physically I became more aware of my body – my skin, my hair and nails.


To touch, feel and think is a natural healing process.”


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