Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is one of the most abused drugs available today.  It is perfectly legal to consume but has deadly effects.  Alcohol alters the mind causing dizziness, impaired memory and vision, impaired thoughts, high blood pressure and even death.  Just because alcohol is legal don’t make the mistake it’s not abused.

Alcohol abuse effects not only the user but affects the families of the abuser as well.  Many times the families are the ones that have to step up and “take care” of the abuser.  Many abusers cannot function through a day without alcohol.  They get up in the morning and that is the first thing that they do.  Once someone gets addicted to alcohol they often become violent and take it out on their family members.  They also loose their jobs unable to go to work without drinking first.  Many loose their houses because they cannot afford the amount of alcohol that is needed to keep them from withdrawal symptoms and be able to afford the house payment.

Mental and physical abuse is common among alcoholics because of the impaired judgement when drinking.  Children are often the ones that suffer through this part of drinking.  Parents are often distance, to drunk to talk or passed out asleep.  Drug Addiction can be stopped and alcohol is a drug.  Don’t let yourself or a loved one ruin your life with alcohol.  Realize the signs and get help immediately, it doesn’t have to be too late.

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