Child Abuse and Alcohol Awareness

Child Abuse due to Alcohol Abuse

Today starts the first day of alcohol awareness month. We are going to have 30 days of alcohol information and prevention for alcohol addiction. Today is also the start of Child Abuse Awareness month. As many of you know they can and most often do relate to each other.

There are many caretakers that get involved in drinking to take the stress of their day off. Without realizing what happened they are in a drunken mode and often “black out” not knowing what is going on.  When the children are involved they can be hit and beaten repeatedly without the caretaker realizing what they are doing to the child. It’s truly a sad situation to be in for any child.

Also, the mental abuse suffered at the hands of an alcoholic are extreme. They often do not think they have a problem and continue to drink.  Children often times are left in these environments to get abused because alcohol is legal. So there is no “drug testing” for the alcoholic.

It’s time to take a stand against alcoholism and child abuse. It’s never to late to get help for alcohol addiction treatment. Please get help today

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