ADHD Drugs

ADHD Drugs

Currently there are millions of children on prescription drugs for ADHD such as Ritalin, adderall, stratera and others.  Many children do not in fact need to be on this medication but the parents were almost forced to place their child on it by their Dr.  All children are mischevious, run around screaming, don’t listen. That’s what being a child is, it’s up to the parent to decide how they are going to manage this behavior.

Recent studies have shown that immediate rewards to the child is as effective as the actual medication given to the child.  Putting children on ADHD medication too early in their lives are bound to have a negative effect on their future. Their brains are just now developing and with the medication in their brain controlling behaviors there is no way to determine what they would have been without medication.

Also, children that start medication for ADHD at a young age are more likely to do more to get high as they get older and to sell the drug to make extra money.

Before you start your child on ADHD medication do your own research, sometimes the Dr’s are clouded with the money that they will receive for writing that prescription.  The internet is a vital tool in finding information.  If you need even more information please call Narconon. We are here to help you and the children…they are our future.


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