drug free youthIf an American child can run the gauntlet and escape the temptation of drug and alcohol abuse through youth, one would think that they would land safely and drug free into adulthood.  Not the case – at least not in this country.  Escaping the drug dealer in the school yard does not guarantee that a child will remain drug free.  American children are more likely to be prescribed mind altering medication by a physician than their European counter parts.

Drug ads directly to the consumer, the higher percentage of psychiatrists and differences in philosophies further decrease the chances for someone growing up drug free in America.

We have never had such a doped up society as the one we are creating, where possibly many of the leaders of the future will be on mind altering medication.  We don’t really know what such a society would be like.

Let’s hope that the future has enough clear minds to contemplate alternatives and move society in another direction.

At a more enlightened time, perhaps in the very distant future, this age will be viewed as the darkest of dark ages.  It will be describe as a time when too many people were doped up either by the dealer on the street or the drug industry and too many died from the man made epidemic.



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