drink and danceDon’t drink and drive and don’t drink too much and dance.  According to research, heavy drinkers are more likely to get the brittle bones caused by osteoporosis than non-drinkers.  Fracturing a hip from a dance move might prove to be embarrassing.  This article can serve as a warning.    Don’t drink and dance.  And if you must dance but can’t stop drinking, then consider alcohol addiction treatment.

“Researchers at Loyola University’s Stritch School of Medicine have found a possible explanation for why binge drinking increases the risk for developing osteoporosis, Science Daily reported Oct. 25.

Scientists studied genes responsible for bone health in rats injected with alcohol in amounts equivalent to binge drinking for three days and chronic alcohol abuse for four weeks, as well as in rats injected with saline as a control group. The results showed that binge drinking, which changed the amount of RNA associated with these genes, disrupted two molecular pathways responsible for normal bone metabolism and maintenance of bone mass”


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