Methamphetamine and prescription drug pseudoephedrine

Good news that the governor of Mississippi wants to put some controls in on the prescription drug pseudoephedrine.  This is a start and a good way to address the methamphetamine situation specifically.

More attention needs to be paid to the overall prescription drug situation, whether prescribed or not.   It has gone out of control.

People are getting addicted and some are dying.

It seems that this would be something that any government official would be concerned about.

“In a move intended to hamper production of illicit methamphetamine, the governor of Mississippi has approved a law requiring a doctor’s prescription to buy any drug containing pseudoephedrine, the Associated Press reported Feb. 11.

The bill signed by Gov. Haley Barbour and effective July 1 makes Mississippi the second state after Oregon to make drugs containing pseudoephedrine available by prescription only. The chemical, which can be used as a precursor to methamphetamine production, is found in many cold medications.

Nearly 600 meth labs were seized in Mississippi last year. Pseudoephedrine drugs were available over the counter until a few years ago; now in most state they must be held behind the pharmacy counter but still can be purchased without a prescription, albeit in limited quantities.”


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