Cocaine addictionCocaine is one of the more addictive drugs because of the diversity of the drug itself.  It can be used in many ways including smoked, injected and snorted.

Cocaine that is smoked is more commonly known as “crack” since it has to be combined with other substances to become solid enough for smoking.

In cocaine’s raw form it’s a white powdery substance similar to flour.  When rocked into crack it becomes hard and usually an off color white.

All forms of cocaine are very addictive.  Depending on which way you use the drug is what reaction and how long the effect is.

Crack cocaine can make someone very combatitive and feel as though they are invinsible.  Regular cocaine has a euphoria effect which is why it is quite often used as a “party drug”.

No matter which way you use the drug it’s time to get help. Drug addiction is a cycle that needs to be stopped.

Get help today.

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