Drug abuse among teenagers

Drug Abuse among teenagers

The US department of Education Study found that kids who face drug testing may use less drugs short term, but the results are not lasting.  In other words, they are going to use drugs when they know they won’t be caught.

This raises the question about what is happening with the kids who do test positive for drug abuse.  Are they getting educated?  Is there any education at all going on at the school about drugs, besides what kids are learning from their friends?

Let’s get real here.  Is this study really pointing out that institutions run apparently by very educated people are not capable of affecting the mindset of the individuals who attend them?

The results of this study calls for further study on – What the heck is going on?

High-school students who face mandatory drug testing may be less likely to use drugs in the short term, but the protective effect doesn’t last, according to a new U.S. Department of Education study.

USA Today reported July 18 that a survey of students at 36 schools found that 16.5 percent of students who attended schools that received federal grants for drug testing used illicit drugs, compared to 21.9 percent of students at other schools. Students also said that drug-testing requirements didn’t discourage them from participating in extracurricular activities.

However, drug-use rates were identical among students at testing- and non-testing schools who did not take part in extracurricular activities, suggesting that drug testing of student athletes and leaders did not have any influence on the behavior of other students.

Also, students at both types of schools were equally likely to say they planned to use drugs in the future.

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