Anywhere In America

Anywhere In America

This article entitled “A High Price to Pay” points out a big problem they have in Fall River – too many are addicted to opiates and some of them are dying.

The real truth is that Fall River is “anywhere America” – the situation has turned into a national epidemic.

“Dee Bettencourt’s son — her best friend — was shot to death two years ago at age 20 when a drug deal for OxyContin went bad.

Jackie Ricupero’s heroin addiction cost her a 28-year marriage and, in just two years, $180,000. She stole from her kids and neighbors once her money ran out.

Liisa Bennett’s son has been addicted to opiates since he broke his arm at age 15 and was prescribed the painkiller Percocet. Nearly a decade later, he’s been through detox about 10 times as he progressed from Percocet to OxyContin to heroin.”


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