The story is all too familiar to Narconon.   A person is in trouble and drugs seem to be the easy fix.  The drugs cause faulty thinking, as they did in the case of the Federal Judge mentioned in this article.  In his case, faulty thinking caused him to hang out with a stripper.  Drugs are so easy to get, that he didn’t need to hang out with her to get his fix.

For others, faulty thinking could include theft, fighting – all kinds of things on the other side of morality.

Because of the easy accessibility, drug addiction is a problem with rich, poor, highly stationed and socially known individuals.   We have seen the problem getting more embracive for a while now and society is sure to start seeing more news stories similar to this.   It is easy to read about the problem, but harder to act when the problem is close to home.  And close to home it has become for many.

After the question of how much prison time this Judge gets is answered, the next question is when is he going to treatment?  Here is the article:

“Feds: Ex-judge should go to prison for drug crimes

By GREG BLUESTEIN, Associated Press – Sat Mar 5, 7:09 pm ET

ATLANTA – Federal prosecutors say a former federal judge who pleaded guilty to two drug-related charges involving a stripper should serve at least 15 days in prison.

Prosecutors asked for the punishment for former veteran judge Jack Camp. They said in court documents Friday that prison time will reflect the seriousness of the offense.

Camp is seeking probation, a fine and community service when he is sentenced next week.

Camp resigned in disgrace from U.S. District Court in November when he pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge and two misdemeanors.

The 67-year-old says his decades-long battle with depression and a bicycling accident that caused brain damage led him to use drugs and start seeing a stripper.”

Narconon has come to learn that jail time is not effective without being followed by effective treatment.  The jail time is caused by the real problem of drug addiction and unless the problem is addressed, the addiction will continue.    Though drug addicts can be hard to deal with, they have to be dealt with.  And once through treatment, they usually return to become the individual they truly are.

Narconon drug rehab has treated individuals from all walks of life.  Most return to life as productive citizens and many of them work to help others overcome their addiction.   Society needs that.

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