A little alcohol goes a long way

A little alcohol goes a long way

Good for Texas for announcing an amnesty policy for underage drinkers if they report an alcohol overdose.

Kids today live in a pretty scary world – an alcohol or drug overdose can very likely happen in their vicinity, especially with the recent advent of prescription drug abuse.

Hopefully this measure will be expanded into drug overdoses.  That way we can be alerted while there is still time to get the young person into drug treatment.


“Texas youth can report alcohol overdoses or other problems without fear of being charged with underage drinking under a new policy announced by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Dec. 2 that the state commission announced the amnesty policy — which applies to reports of sexual assault and other violent crime as well as medical emergencies involving alcohol — as a tribute to an Austin 18-year-old who died last year in a college fraternity hazing ritual.

Carson Starkey, a Cal Poly State University student, passed out after drinking a bottle of Everclear, but his fraternity brothers didn’t call for help before Starkey was fatally stricken. “It is our hope that publicizing this policy will encourage young people to call 911 if a friend is in danger from alcohol poisoning or any other medical emergency,” said TABC administrator Alan Steen. “We don’t want any life to be lost because someone is afraid of getting in trouble for underage drinking.”



  1. David says:

    Teen drug abuse has been increasing at a very fast pace, Primarily in a metros and this is due to peer group influence.
    Agree that a little alcohol goes a long way because addiction begins with mild alcohol like wines and then progresses to Drugs

  2. David says:

    Teen drug addiction is a very dangerous state that is growing in the society and I would say, it is elders duty to care of the teens and guide them, so that they don’t indulge in any bad activities.

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