Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholics are often a danger to themselves and others. Drinking becomes a way of life for most and they become “functioning alcoholics”.  Drinking socially with friends or just having a drink after work becomes more of a chore for the alcoholic.  The, “I must have a drink in order to survive” mentality makes the alcoholic even more dangerous to himself and others.  When alcohol addiction has taken a person who was socially able to drink and turns them into someone who starts hiding liquor bottles in cabinets, drawers, toilet bowl tanks, under beds; various places where the alcoholic can sneak a drink to an escape from life, or to avoid the withdrawals from not having a drink.

Alcohol withdrawal is painful for the user who wants to stop drinking; sweats, chills, aches and pains are often associated with withdrawal.  No one wants to feel the pain of withdrawal so the drinking continues to escalate until the alcoholic cannot complete the smallest of task before a drink is needed. Addiction treatment is their only option to be able to withdraw the correct way and avoid more relapses.

Drug Rehabilitation will help free you or your loved one from the grips of alcoholism.  Narconon of Louisiana will provide the drug education and rehabilitative services for the alcoholic that is needed to help them become free from alcohol and be a productive member of society.


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