Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol Awareness

April is dedicated as alcohol awareness month.  Alcohol addiction has affected so many lives.  It is possible that with the 76 million functioning alcohol abusers that you or your loved one has had alcohol abuse affect your personal life.

Do you have a close family member who is an alcoholic? Most are well respected people anyone could meet, however, there is a problem; alcohol addiction.  Alcoholism usually starts socially, drinking with family and friends, and then it turns into one need a drink just to survive the day.   Drinking begins to affect everyone that the alcoholic comes into contact with and starts putting other lives in danger as they begin to drink and drive.  One’s drinking escalates to the point that is completely out of control; blackouts, no coordination, and amnesia.

Alcohol has prevented so many lives from reaching their full potential.  Narconon of Louisiana provides drug education and rehabilitative services for the alcoholic and their family.

If you or a loved one is in need of drug rehab, help is available.  One of our intake counselors will be glad to speak with you as you consider Narconon of Louisiana the treatment center you choose for help.


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  5. Lanita Pharr says:

    My daughter has a history of drug abuse (tried all kinds of drugs)since pre-teen and now she is an alcoholic at age 30 and she do not think she has a problem. She has been in prison in and out of jail for DUIs and a drugs. She has been out since Jan.2011 and since then she came to live with me and my husband and continues with the alcohol. I cant deal with this. She is good as long as she is with me but when we get separated she starts drinking. I do not encourage her to drink not do I enable her. This has got to stop. What can I do. I know she would have to want help in order for this to work. She has no money or insurance. She came from Texas and she was on the Mental Health Mental Retardation program there for her meds. I did have her committed about 6 years ago in Terrell State Hospital for drug use but little did it help.

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